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Tia & Duke

Dog Grooming

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Tia (Shorkie). Duke (German Shepherd),and me! (Aislinn)

Tia & Duke are my beautiful best friends who inspire me in all walks of life. It is only right that I carry their legacy through my dog grooming brand. 

I am a small, independent business, working on a 1:1 basis, meaning that your dog will always be groomed by me (Aislinn). I truly believe this assists in the holistic nature of the grooming process by developing trust between your dog and their groomer, and ultimately creating a confident, positive, and calm experience for your dog. 


New dogsare welcome!


Here at Tia & Duke we are always happy to welcome new clients to join our dog grooming family. 

We want your dog to feel that their unique needs are always met - whether that is accommodating for:

  • their age (for their first ever groom, to supporting them in their elderly years)

  • their health (providing them with time, patience and physical support where needed)

  • their confidence (a calm, patient, and reassuring approach develops trust between the dog and their groomer)

  • their behaviour (we appreciate not all dogs enjoy the grooming process. We are always happy to talk about how we can accommodate these needs)

What about cats?

Cats find pride in grooming themselves. However, there can be those tricky, hard-to-reach areas, which make self-grooming difficult!

Long-haired cats in particular can develop heavy knotting or matts where they are unable to self-groom. Some cats can also be quite cheeky and make it difficult for their owners to help them along with the grooming process.

This is where I could be able to help. I offer maintenance grooms only (rather than styling and beautification). 

If you think I could be able to help you and your cat, please get in touch with me!

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Become aloyal customer

As a big thank you to our loyal customers, we offer 20% off your 6th groom!

Simply pick up a card during any visit, complete the 6 appointment slots, and get 20% off on your dog's 6th visit. 


This is a repeat scheme so enjoy a fresh card every time each card is complete!

Doggy Day Care & Boarding



Sanders Farm


East Sussex

BN26 5RS

Tel. 07905 755635

Looking for a trustworthy, well-established, 
friendly doggy day care?

I am extremely honoured to be partnered up with Natasha at Sanders. 

Sanders is a family run farm, offering extensive beautiful land for dog walks, day care, and long stay boarding. 

Located in Wilmington (not far from The Long Man), just outside of Eastbourne (20 minutes from the grooming salon by car).

Natasha has successfully been in the doggy business for over 30 years. Check out the Sanders section of this website to find out more about her services and contact details.

Meet the Mascots!
Tia & Duke 

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